Butterfly_Park the car or walk straight into one of the best-kept secrets in all of Southeast Wisconsin. Here you can find so many relaxing ways to leave the world behind. Enjoy the rolling creeks and calm ponds, or marvel at lush vegetation with fun names such as Wild Geranium, Angelica, Tall Meadow Rue, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and May Apple. Stroll along a boardwalk that hovers above a wetland. Explore the oak woods, deciduous forest, and vast prairie. Walk, run, or simply meander through the property that spans 231 acres, and reinvent yourself in nature. Uncover the unexpected on one of the many trails taking you through various areas of mindfully planted species of sedges, grasses, and hardwood trees.  Indulge in bird or critter watching, as this area attracts over 36 different varieties of birds (most notably the impressive turkey vulture), along with deer, coyote, fox, raccoon, and opossum.



Explore this 231-acre parcel and discover its wonderful diversity. There are wetlands at the South end across from the beach as well as another in the northeast section. Kishwauketoe is also home to a variety of ecosystems including prairie, oak woods, kettle, meadow, deciduous forest, an arboretum, and two creeks.

Over 4 miles of trails are laid out to bring people closer to the various communities on the property. Try to notice the different plant communities and discover where and why they change. A boardwalk and tower enhance viewing. A pavilion provides shelter and space for activities.



KNC is located in Williams Bay, WI, directly north of the Williams Bay beach. The main entrance to Kishwauketoe is at 251 Elkhorn Road (aka Wisconsin Hwy. 67),  south of Hwy. 50.

Parking is available near the entrance of both locations with well-marked trails leading directly into the conservancy.  Trail maps  are also available at the trail entrances at the lakefront and 251 Elkhorn road, Hwy. 67. The maps also include a cross-country ski trail and can be downloaded here: KNC-trailmap-2015.