Kishwauketoe Education Classes and Events for All Ages

Most children spend less than 1% of their day outdoors. The staff at KNC understands the importance of nature and would like to change that statistic, one child at a time. Please enroll your child in a Kish Kids class and join us in our goal to connect kids with nature. Donations help run our programs and maintain KNC, so they’re greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Additional Information

  • Currently our classes and events at KNC are shown on our Events Page Calendar
  • Additional Information will be added on this page as we get closer to summer
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Before You Go…

  • Apply bug spray
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Please eat before you visit us. KNC does not have trash bins inside the Conservancy.
  • Please use bathrooms prior to class (closest public restrooms are across the street at the Field House)
  • Wear clothes that can get dirty
  • Dress for the weather

After Your Class…

  • Check for bugs that are hoping to come live with you
  • Download the handout for your child’s class

Take the Next step:

  • Attend a free extension class at the library or rec center
  • Volunteer at one of KNC’s Family Work Days
  • Attend another Kish Kid’s class

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