Trail Conditions

03/28/20 – Due to the water table already being very high after the snowmelt, and with the additional heavy rain on Friday evening, most of the trails to the south are quite wet and it’s difficult to walk through large areas.  You can follow the new portable boardwalk sections on the Lake Trail, but keep going east at the area of the Thor Rasmussen monument and then north by the Arboretum Trail.  Parts of that are also fairly wet. 
My suggestion is to enter at the Hwy. 67 entrance trail, walk north to the boardwalk and continue through all the new upgraded boardwalk area east to the recently updated ski loop and woodland trails. Then, head back across the north end of the prairie, take a right and walk up to the viewing tower and then west from there to the Creek Trail and head back south.  All of these areas are very accessible.  There is one area on the northeast section of the ski loop that you may want to cut a little to the northeast to avoid the only wet area which is near the large fire pit. – Harold